This news site is no longer being maintained actively, but it's a good record of Bolo history, and still one of the first places to look for important future developments. Active players should visit the IRC chat channels for Bolo and WinBolo to find out what's going on.

Jan 21

BoloViewer 2. Released Dec 31, 2002, BoloViewer 2 by Carl Osterwald aka wharf rat is a major rewrite that provides "the most accurate representations possible of the actual events in Bolo games", see the version history. This site is also the home of all the latest unofficial developments in Bolo, including the maps FTP archive and the modified Bolo binary which is the recommended version of Bolo.

Min's WinBolo Page. Just as wharf has taken on the primary role for keeping Bolo alive, it appears Min has taken on the same role for WinBolo, which hasn't been updated since the last entry a year ago below. On Min's WinBolo page you'll find the latest news for WinBolo, downloads, how-to guides for playing, discussions on strategy, etc.

Feb 22

WinBolo 1.10. A new version of WinBolo and the LinBolo dedicated server has been released, see the WinBolo home page (back after a long hiatus) for more information. is back. Just a few days after the announcement below, the domain came back after the last announcement. Everything has been fine the last few months.

Nov 19 not available. The hostnames are currently unavailable. This may be a temporary problem, or it may be permanent, I don't know yet. For now, please use the following URLs (which reflect the actual Duke computers that have been serving Bolo files for the past few years): for the Bolo home page, and for the FTP archive. Thanks for your patience.

May 1

WinBolo 1.09(a/b). Versions 1.09 and then 1.09a of Win/LinBolo were recently released, and 1.09b seems to be around the corner. Some users have voiced concerns with the new version seeming more laggy as a result of changes undertaken to curb alleged cheating and to make things more "fair" for non-laggy players. Due to unrelated technical difficulties, about a week after the release, the semi-official game server "east" is still running the old 1.08 anyway. Stay tuned for new developments.

Apr 26

BoloViewer by Paypal. You can now pay for BV by Paypal. The new binaries at the BV home page and in our Bolo Archive both reflect this change.

Mar 9

BoloViewer. In his most impressive reverse engineering feat to date, Carl Osterwald aka wharf rat has developed a long awaited Bolo log viewer (if you have problems with that site, you can also just download the demo directly from the Bolo Archive). I quote from the official BoloViewer site:

For the first time, a viewer is now available for replaying Bolo log files, which until now have been a little-known and ignored feature of the game. Bolo has the capability to record games built-in, but unfortunately the author never provided a way to view them. Because log files are encrypted, no one spent much time trying figure out what is contained within them.

Through a process of trial and error, I have been able to break the encryption and determine how the game information is saved. Using this information, BoloViewer can process log files and give you a unique replay of what happened during a game. The replay includes nearly full-screen views of the map and the action, automatic separation of alliances by up to four different team colors, and the ability to listen to messages on the message wire via the Macintosh Speech Manager

In other words, BoloViewer allows you to observe a game from an omniscient point of view. This is at the very least an entertaining spectacle, and potentially can be an invaluable teaching tool for all players old and new alike. It reminds me of the old days when we had Bolofests where many players would crowd into a computer lab and all play together. If you walked around behind them, you could observe the same game from many different players' vantage points and appreciate the overall strategic moves as well as the local tactical battles. Well now you can do just that with this BoloViewer. The free demo has an actual game's log file built into it, but won't open other log files. The unrestricted full application is "emailware" - pay him $25 first, then he'll email it to you. Be sure to look over cmd-? inside the demo for answers to most FAQs.

Bolo version 0.99.7bv. No, this is not a new version of Bolo. The latest 0.99.7bv is based on 0.99.7a and facilitates use with BoloViewer: "It has a command key assigned to start logging (command-E), and new logs have the Mac OS creator code set to BoloViewer so you can double-click them and open the viewer automatically." (The previous 0.99.7a hack also by wharf rat fixed the tracker information and improved display colors.) Visit the Bolo Archive where you can download Bolo 0.99.7bv by itself or as part of the new Start Pack 2.3 described below.

Bolo Starter Pack 2.3. This new starter pack, which you can get at the Bolo Archive, includes Bolo 0.99.7bv. I also fixed all the mistakes in the maps folder. (Nix had contributed several classic maps which he modified to improve base starts, but I was not aware of this and renamed them to the same names as the classic maps, resulting in a lot of confusion. I have now replaced them all with the original classic maps.)

Jan 16

Happy New Millenium! Wow, 2001. It's getting rather scary, some of us have been playing this game for nearly 10 years now. It's a testament to its elegant simplicity that it continues to be the cult favorite that it is.

#Bolo moves to new network. The #Bolo IRC channel has been on EFnet since the early 90s when internet Bolo started, making it one of the most long lasting IRC channels in existence probably. In spite of efforts to keep it going, it was just getting far too difficult for many people to connect to EFnet due to the ever deteriorating problems associated with denial of service attacks against servers. In the last year or so, Pat and his many clones have helped to maintain or restore ops more times than I can remember, and I think we all owe him thanks for that.

We first followed the footsteps of a smaller group of vets who went to Undernet to hide from the often incessant stock talk on EFnet #bolo. Unfortunately, just a few weeks later, Undernet started suffering from serious attacks far worse than EFnet. We then moved yet again to MysticalNet. Let's hope this one lasts. Things seem definitely smoother on this very small but well run network. If you wish to join us there, /server and /join #bolo.

#WinBolo moves too! While we're on the subject, last fall the EFnet #WinBolo channel also moved. They are now on which is a dedicated server. Although some have reported connection difficulties, it has always been very fast and reliable for me.

Stuart writes NY Times editor. Peter Hsu submitted this letter to the editor by Bolo's creator Stuart Cheshire on the subject of using MHz as a measure of computer speed. A one-time registration at the NY Times site is required to view this. No, it's not Bolo related at all.

WinBolo tracker stats. Last fall the WB tracker suffered from what seemed like months of instability, which we fixed when we downgraded it to a very old version, pending an eventual rewrite of the tracker program. This very old version has turned out to be incredibly stable, having been running continuously on my PC since Nov 22 (almost 2 months now, comparable to the uptimes enjoyed by nix's UNIX-based tracker for Mac Bolo). To date it has tracked ~9500 games, receiving 2760 hits on the web page and a staggering 141,460 more hits on its telnet (in-game) server.

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